Me meto un tiro,
El eco suena,
O quizás es el corazón,
Que todavía sueña.

Review del «Asco de Gente» de las Sexpeares desde OHIO!

Review del «Asco de Gente» de las Sexpeares desde OHIO!

Year: 2011
Genre: Hardcore Punk
Label: Abubilla Producciones
Tracks: 6
Length: 17 Minutes
My Rating: 7/8

Las Sexpeares are a punk rock band from Madrid, Spain. The band formed around 2009, with the members Benny (guitarplay/sing), Kinki (drumdoes), and Dhiva (playingofbass)… their main influences are bands like Nirvana, Hole, the Smashing Pumpkins, and the She Devils. The members of the band are all very lovely women, but of course, they are also lesbians. Actually, I’m not entirely sure what city they are from since they always list themselves as being from both Madrid, Spain, and Barakaldo, Argentina… how can ONE group exist in TWO places which are far away from eachother? HUH? HUH??!!!!! (over-used gag)

This is the band’s first release (besides their demo recordings), and it’s quite awesome. The music is more interesting than the average hardcore band, because the songplaying and songwriting are very well-done here! Who doesn’t love GOOD MUSIC? Oh yeah, the same people who think good music means popular music… silly me. Actually, some good music used to be popular. Some of it still is. What am I saying, you’ve heard this shit before many times… so yes, this is another one of my favorite records to be released this year so far. Because it doesn’t suck. In fact, it’s cool.

1. Que Asco De Gente
The guitar riff is great… the bass progression is cool also… that’s one thing I like about this EP, the bass playing is pretty un-bland. There’s some backing chorus vocals… I like the drumming in the mid-section. I can’t help but think of fire when hearing this song. The lyrics of this song express a notwant of milk and feelings of depression.

2. Catnip
It is said that when the band recorded this song in the studio, they first ate large amounts of catnip and got totally fucked up. One section features a pounding drumbeat and the band screaming… the other section of the song features, well, singing and a different chord progression of course. And it’s good… the chorus section sounds extremely nice. Yet anoother good song from Mrs. Band.

3. Parasitos
My favorite song from the record. The guitar playing here is really awesome… just listen to the guitar riff… it’s as energizing as it comes. The bass line is great in itself. It’s not as fast as the other songs but who cares because it’s awesome… at the end there is a wild-ass guitar solo that makes Jimi Hendrix roll in his grave with INSANITY! The lyrics are about how we’re all gonna die someday or something… I know this because of the Spanish-to-English translator so it might not be entirely accurate.

4. Suicidas
Another awesome legit great song. This was the first song by the band I heard, though it was the demo version. Some parts are real fast and other parts are slower… the chorus guitar chords grind yer face to the floor! SUICIDAS! The song’s about hating normal stuck-up people and the spirit of punk rock energy and lust for life that will never die!

5. Libertad Cadavercia
The first half of the song is pretty calm and the second half is more loud and buzzed-out. It’s about everyone you knew and loved having died or committed suicide, and being always lonely… the curse of the survivor. As with the others, this is a very good song.

6. Descontrol
Starts off with a soft, depressing intro… then it gets all thrashy and pissed-off… it’s like my little kitty, Steve. She’s all sleepy and meowy one moment and then she starts trying to bite off my leg. It’s SOOOOooOOO cute/annoying! I love/hate her so much!! THERE IS DYNAMITE UNDER MY BED… KA-BOOM!!!!!!!!

That’s my review of the Las Sexpeares CD. EP. Thing-E. CDEPThingEDingyWingy!!!! I’ve never even heard the She Devils before. But this shore is some real awesome punk rock and you should, like, listen to it because the record is free. Don’t believe me? Can’t argue with this string of text:

So this is one of my favorite new records because it’s good and the songs are all good and they sound good becuase SHIT, WHY DO I HAVE TO SAY SHIT AFTER I’VE ALREADY REVIEWED THIS RECORD? WHAT AM I EXPECTING MYSELF TO SAY, HUH??


Top 3 Favorites:
1. Parasitos
2. Suicidas
3. Catnip

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