Me meto un tiro,
El eco suena,
O quizás es el corazón,
Que todavía sueña.

Mes: enero 2015

Conociendo a Reverse

Conociendo a Reverse

Translation (more or less):  Today’s video is going to be very short because simply, well, not simply, because I will recommend you a german Grunge band. I do not remember how we known, I think I followed them in Facebook or maybe the other way around, I do not know. One day I was, well, doing the same I do all the days, manage my social networks and suddenly they send me some songs, and apparently it’s what they usually do with all fans, Individually they send the songs to you and you can hear the band. I found it was an interesting way of spread your music… I started to talk with them, in english of course, looking for put their music, as publicity, in my website… and maybe do a video for Youtube. They agreed, and well, here we are

They formed the Band in October 2004. That is, I mean, more than 10 years playing together, That’s enough for a «new» band. It is very ok, I was very surprising. I knew they had been playing for a while, but when they send me the information about the band, when he says » October 2004″ i was like… OMG The band is :Michael (drums),Oliver and Daniel(bass and vocals) Stefan (Guitar and vocals) and Christian(Guitar and lead vocals) Influences are everything grunge Band:Nirvana,hole,and Bush And in This Summer they will record a new cd, So stay tuned because in Seattle Sound I will put the new about the new album

And a little more to say, I don’t have to make a review or a critique of a new album, I just want to make publicity, in a short way -it works better in short ways-. They look fairly decent, and well despite they are not from Spain I also can help european people, why not, I’m not a super spanish. And well, background you can listen one of their songs and below I will put all the information of the band (Facebook, Twitter… you know). Check the band and well, put some comments about what you think about the band. I hope you like the band, and well, I hope you discover a good band and that the video has been entertaining. See you soon

Concierto completo de Foo Fighters en el Maracanã

Concierto completo de Foo Fighters en el Maracanã

Full Show-Foo Fighters-Maracanã

Something From Nothing
The Pretender
Learn to Fly
My Hero
Big Me
Cold Day in the Sun
In the Clear
This Is a Call
Monkey Wrench

Dave alone on acoustic guitar:
Skin and Bones
Times Like These
Detroit Rock City (KISS cover)
Tom Sawyer (Rush cover)
Stay With Me (The Faces cover)
Under Pressure (Queen and David Bowie cover)
All My Life
Best of You

Nueva entrevista con Tad Doyle

Nueva entrevista con Tad Doyle

New interview with Tad Doyle

Tad Doyle in action (Photo: Paul Israel)

Sacado de // From:

¿Alguna vez te ofrecieron más trabajo en el cine después de tu cameo en «Singles» de Cameron Crowe?
Hice una audición para conductor de camión quitanieves para la serie de televisión Twin Peaks. No conseguí el personaje. Hice, sin embargo, un auncio de leche donde hablé de diferentes cortes de carne para una vaquería de Nueva Zelanda cuyo nombre se esconde mi mente.Has lanzado un montón de grandes discos con TAD – ¿tienes algún remordimiento porque más personas no llegaran a escucharos o ¿Estás contento con cómo sucedieron las cosas?Creo que la música que tuve la oportunidad de crear encontrará los oídos que se supone que son a los que va dirigida esa música. No me arrepiento de eso en absoluto. Viví durante muchos años en los que pude experimentar como algunos amigos no sobrevivieron.

TAD tocó en un concierto increíble en la Ciudad de las Artes de Dublín en abril de 1991 con Therapy? Había una huelga de electricidad en el momento y había el peligro de que la energía y las luces se fueran del escenario y del recinto en cualquier momento. ¿Tienes algún recuerdo de la noche?

No recuerdo los detalles de aquel día. Noche tras noche, comienza a desdibujarse todo cuando estás en la carretera tanto como nosotros estábamos en ese momento. Recuerdo haber tenido buenos momentos con Therapy? Eran buenos tíos, bastante divertidos.

Si queréis leer el resto de la entrevista -en inglés-, pasaros por aquí.


Were you ever offered any more film work after your scene-stealing cameo in Cameron Crowe’s Singles?

I auditioned for a snow plough truck driver for the TV series Twin Peaks. I didn’t get the part. I did, however, get to do a milk commercial where I talked about different cuts of meat for a New Zealand dairy company whose name slips my mind.

You released a succession of great albums with TAD – do you have any regrets that more people didn’t get to hear them or are you happy with how things turned out?

I believe that the music that I get to create will find the ears that it is supposed to. I have no regrets about that at all. I lived through many years that saw many of my friends not make it out alive.

TAD played an amazing gig in Dublin’s City Arts Centre with Therapy? in April 1991. There was an electricity strike at the time and there was the danger that the power and lights would go at the show at any time. Have you any memories of the night or that visit?

I don’t recall specifics of that show. Night after night starts to blur altogether when you’re on the road as much as we were at that time. I do recall having good times with the band Therapy? They were pretty fun good dudes.

If you want to read the whole interview, click here.