Me meto un tiro,
El eco suena,
O quizás es el corazón,
Que todavía sueña.

Palabras de Chris Cornell sobre Soundgarden

Palabras de Chris Cornell sobre Soundgarden

Ya sabéis… en esta época era un vago y no traducía nada, pero ahora lo traduzco todo xD

While the solo jaunt is allowing Cornell to pick and choose songs from the breadth of his career, he flashed back to the days of ’90s grunge and alt-rock when Soundgarden reformed last year.

The band had split in 1997. Now aged in their 40s and 50s, the quartet have a newfound sense of direction and are working on a new album.

“It’s like we didn’t break pace,” Cornell says. “It’s like we took a short break because it doesn’t feel like 13 or 14 years at all. The only difference I’ve noticed, I suppose, is everyone has a lot more ideas. There’s more confidence and I feel that from everyone.

“For some bands it can be ‘Oh my God, can we still do this?’ But it’s not that – it’s the same band, but everyone has 13 years’ more experience.”

Cornell fronted Soundgarden for more than a decade, then went solo before joining members of Rage Against the Machine (Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk) to form Audioslave.

But you get the sense he feels at home again, working with his oldest musical friends.

“Working in different bands, they’re all their own different beasts or different environment,” he says.

“With Soundgarden I’ve always been so engrossed and involved with doing it. Also, it’s always been a band that I can compare to The Beatles in a way because everyone writes songs on guitar – no matter what instrument they play. There’s so much diversity.”

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